A Regis Business Education is What the World Needs

Studying Business at Regis University is different.  You’ll get a hands-on business education from engaging faculty in small classes. The experience will enable you to make ethically-driven and economically sound business decisions, and you will apply your knowledge and skills through a professional internship. Regis is proud of its mission of service and social justice and is deeply committed to the enduring values of a Jesuit education. You’ll also learn the solid history, philosophy, ethics, arts, science, and foreign cultures background that will make you a well-rounded and in-demand business leader. 

Located at the intersection of vibrant Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountains, Regis University is the ideal live/learn environment. And (perhaps most importantly) Regis University is an active community of highly-engaged students and faculty. But don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself.

Regis College offers a degree in Business Administration, with several specialized emphases, within the larger liberal arts education of the College. This distinguishes us from business programs at many universities, where students do not receive such a breadth of education. 

Available Majors:

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Economics

Minor in Accounting

Minor in Business Administration

Minor in Economics


Emphasis in Management
This emphasis helps students develop skills they will need as managers of large and small groups of people. Students learn about how organizations function and how they can be made more effective; how the human resources of firms can be organized to be most effective and efficient; how management techniques must be altered in international settings; and how organization can adapt successfully to diversity in the work force. Specialists in management find career opportunities in fields such as personnel work, human resources management, and conflict resolution. Some management experts for their own firms and act as consultants to other firms that need advice on addressing special management problems.

Emphasis in Marketing
The field of marketing involves selling goods and services after they have been produced, and trying to discover new markets for goods that are not yet being produced. Marketing specialists are involved in advertising, in studying the behavior of consumers to anticipate their reactions to new and existing products, in managing large sales forces and advertising campaigns, and in reaching new markets through international marketing. The world of the Internet has opened new opportunities for marketing specialists, who are needed by firms of all sizes throughout the country and the world.

Emphasis in Finance
Finance is closely related to accounting, in that it analyzes financial statements that have been prepared by accountants. It is also related to economics, since finance experts must try to anticipate the effects of changes in the larger economy on firms and individuals. Some experts in finance may work for large and small firms to help them evaluate the financial wisdom of new investments, and to discover the best way to raise funds for new investments. Others in the field of finance serve as stock brokers or investment advisors, or work in the banking industry. Some work as Investment Bankers, who help firms to sell new stock or bond issues to investors and lenders. Still others work for governments at all levels to help governments manage their budgets and plan for future expenditures. Some finance experts form their own firms to act as consultants, either to other business firms, or to individuals who need advice in money management and retirement planning.

Emphasis in International Business
The emphasis in International Business allows students to explore the international aspects of business through specialized courses in international management, international marketing, international finance, and international economics. Since we are entering the global economy, those with a sound understanding of the international dimensions of business will be in special demand in the future.

Emphasis in Management Information Systems
This emphasis is of special interest to students who are interested in computers and their application to business. The demand for people who can use computers to manage the data of organizations is rapidly increasing.

Emphasis in General Business
For students who want to design their own emphasis by selecting a mix of elective courses that suit their own career plans, the College offers an emphasis in General Business. Through a combination of a solid liberal arts education and a focused degree in business, Regis Business graduates are poised to enter the world of business organizations ready to demonstrate excellence in both their levels of competence, and the ethical dimensions of their decisions and their actions.

The Division of Business provides business education within a traditional college experience, emphasizing analytical models, technical systems, and contemporary competencies. Within a moral, ethical, and intellectual framework, students pursue an understanding of the changing world of business and economic systems in the global business community.

The faculty is committed to personal and professional integrity and competence in the service of others. In this way students are challenged to academic accountability and excellence. The division‘s purpose is to graduate students prepared for careers as competent professionals and good citizens who answer for themselves, "How ought we to live?"

Learn more about our distinguished faculty members by viewing our Division of Business faculty profiles.

The Division of Business has three requirements for students to continue through the program.

1. A student must have a grade point average of 3.000 or greater to enroll in an Independent Study course or a Special Studies course. Any deviation from the above minimum grade point requirement needs approval of the division director upon recommendation of the student‘s advisor.

2. A student must have a grade point average of 2.500 or greater and be of junior or senior standing to enroll in BA 498E-W--Internship in Business. No more than one internship may be taken each semester. Any deviation from these requirements needs approval of the division director upon recommendation of the student‘s advisor.

3. Students who major or minor in Business Administration may not use credit earned in Internship courses to fulfill major/minor requirements for the degree. However, all students are strongly encouraged to complete an internship or to obtain equivalent work experience before graduation.