Dr. Arman received his PhD in Counselor Education from The University of New Mexico in 1998. He has held faculty positions at The University of Colorado, Denver (1998-2002) and Heidelberg College, Ohio (2002-2005). Most recently, Dr. Arman has been on faculty in the Master of Arts in Counseling Program in the College of Professional Studies (2005-2013) and the Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions (2013-present) at Regis University. His areas of research interest include: designing group counseling interventions for children and adolescents, clinical training and supervision, ethical decision making in counseling, and “special topics” in counseling. Dr. Arman’s teaching interests include teaching and supervising in the Clinical Practice areas of the counseling program (MCPY 693/92 Practicum in Counseling and Clinical Supervision; MCPY 698ABC Internship in Counseling; MCPY 677 Counseling Pre-adolescents and Adolescents, and MCPY 625 Professional Orientation Ethics in Counseling.) Dr. Arman’s philosophy of teaching revolves around three main tenets:

  • Integrating the Ignatian Pedagocial Paradigm (IPP) and Jesuit principles into the content, context, and culture of his courses and classroom activities.
  • Maintaining a strong emphasis on Humanistic Psychological principles in teaching, clinical training, and supervision.
  • Integrating personal experience and relevant research into the students’ learning process through the provision of information (knowledge), integration of disparate information, application of new knowledge, and reflection on learning activities (Bloom, 1998 & 2007).

Lastly, Dr. Arman thoroughly enjoys the challenging yet collegial academic atmosphere at Regis University. Working toward the Greater Good and Being in Service to Others, two integral Jesuit principles, guide his work with students, his teaching, research, and service, and his life’s philosophy.

Curriculum Vitae