Professional Bio


  • Ph.D., Psychology, University of Dallas-Irving, 1996
  • M.A., Clinical Psychology, Duquesne University, 1980
  • B.A., Psychology and Philosophy (with honors), Drury College, 1977

My approach to teaching and education is flavored by a strong attention to the experiential qualities of a student’s life that connect them to the value and meaning of the subject matter.  Learning not only involves a mastery of particular materials, it more fundamentally reflects the ongoing process whereby the learner comes to a greater understanding of how they participate in and creatively construct the value, meaning and usefulness of the ideas, traditions and practices within their field.  This involves engaging the field with one’s whole being and wrestling with understanding how all of one’s capacities - one’s thinking, feeling, willing (capacities which lend themselves to a sense of truth, beauty/value and goodness/justice, respectively) - need to be developed and integrated in order to expand one’s perception, recognize the habits of one’s prejudices, cultivate the courage to see novel patterns, and the patience to acknowledge the wisdom of older traditions.  Cultivating this more holistic integration of knowing, being and doing fosters a sense of freedom and imagination that is the core method of Jesuit education and the art of “cura personalis.”  

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    Certifications and Expertise

    Practice Licensure

    • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), State of Colorado

    Practice Certifications

    • Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP)

    Professional Memberships

    • American Counseling Association (ACA)
    • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)
    • Alpha Sigma Nu

    Research and Scholarship

    Research Interests

    • Qualitative Phenomenological-Hermenuetic Research
    • The Influences of Technology upon Contemporary Consciousness and Education
    • The Emerging Role of the Spiritual Imagination in Counseling
    • The Emotional Structure of Storytelling and Meaning Construction
    • The Confluence of Narrative Therapy, Depth Psychology and Family Therapy
    • The Growing Application and Relevance of Phenomenological Research in the Counseling Field
    • The Role of the Heart in Perception

    Recent Publications

    Bennett, S. (2012) Disillusionment and the Hardening of the Sacred Heart, Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2.

    Recent Presentations

    Bennett, S.  Narrative Community: Exploring Hope and Power In Clinical Supervision. 3rd International Narrative Therapy Symposium in Minneapolis, MN  Platform Presentation.  May, 2015.

    Bennett, S. ”Your Life: Is That a Story You Know How to Tell?” The Practical and Spiritual Value of Narrative Therapy, Narrative Therapy Forum, Regis University, Denver, CO, 2014

    Bennett, S. "Disillusionment and the Hardening of the Sacred Heart" to the Ignatian Scholars Cohort Six Group hosted by Marie Friedemann. Denver, CO Platform.  November 21, 2013.

    Bennett, S. "Spiritual Therapeutics: Healing the Emotional Body - the Way of St. Francis and St. Claire" at the School of Spiritual Psychology. Benson, NC. Platform. September. 5-9, 2013.

    Awards & Recognition


    • Alpha Sigma Nu Honorary Member, 2014
    • Counseling Advocacy Award, 2010

    Community Involvement & Service

    Service to the Community
    • Faith Formation Board, First United Church of Arvada
    Service to Profession
    • Jesuit Higher Education (JHE) Online Journal, Editorial Team Member

    Service to University 

    • Regis University, Human Subjects Review Board (IRB)
    • Regis University, Marketing Events, Representative
    • Regis University, Faculty Search Committees, DCFT
    • Regis University, Mission Committee
    • Regis University, Marriage and Family Therapy Post Graduate Certificate Committee
    • Regis University, Faculty Participant, Ignatian Faculty Scholars Program
    • RHCHP, Faculty Representative, Academic Council
    • RHCHP, Faculty Sponsor, Narrative Therapy Student Group