My approach to teaching and education is flavored by a strong attention to the experiential qualities of a student’s life that connect them to the value and meaning of the subject matter.  Learning not only involves a mastery of particular materials, it more fundamentally reflects the ongoing process whereby the learner comes to a greater understanding of how they participate in and creatively construct the value, meaning and usefulness of the ideas, traditions and practices within their field.  This involves engaging the field with one’s whole being and wrestling with understanding how all of one’s capacities - one’s thinking, feeling, willing (capacities which lend themselves to a sense of truth, beauty/value and goodness/justice, respectively) - need to be developed and integrated in order to expand one’s perception, recognize the habits of one’s prejudices, cultivate the courage to see novel patterns, and the patience to acknowledge the wisdom of older traditions.  Cultivating this more holistic integration of knowing, being and doing fosters a sense of freedom and imagination that is the core method of Jesuit education and the art of “cura personalis.”  

Curriculum Vitae