I do not consider myself a teacher in the sense that I am imparting knowledge to our students, rather I see myself as a facilitator, supporting and encouraging each student's individual path and journey to greater understanding of their role in the therapeutic process and a deeper awareness of themselves, particularly themselves in relationship to others. Our students come with vast and deep life experiences, all of which are valuable to bring to the conversations and environment of learning about and from one another. My doctoral education and training was in counselor education and supervision. As such, I was educated, trained, and prepared in the theory and praxis of counselor education and training. I believe this foundation helped prepare me to be an effective counselor educator and supervisor. Prior to coming to Regis University, I also taught graduate level counseling courses at another university as an affiliate faculty person, and prior to that I taught undergraduate courses at Metro State University of Denver. Both of which, I feel provided me with great learning opportunities and experiences.

Curriculum Vitae