Professional Bio

Joanna has taught at Regis in the Department of Counseling and Family Therapy since 2007 and worked in a residency led integrated health clinic during that time. She has a passion for training providers and mental health clinicians to collaborate in order to best treat the physical, mental, spiritual, and relational health of all people. She believes that all aspects of health can be acknowledged in a dynamic way in the healthcare setting. This integration can have a positive and powerful impact on the lives of patients. In the role of a faculty member in the DCFT, Joanna teaches students who treat from a biopsychosocial, systemic, and strengths-based perspective. As a Regis Neighborhood Health Founder, she aspires to train clinicians in this model, increase access to behavioral health services, and provide high quality, evidenced-based mental health services to individuals and families in our Regis neighborhood.  Joanna is inspired by the spirit of the community.  

She values the wisdom of the the Counseling and Family Therapy faculty and the interdisciplinary Founders Group. She believes that Jesuit values inspire excellent education, training, and health services.  

Curriculum Vitae