I am a counselor educator and supervisor.  As a counselor, I incorporate existential theory into my work with clients.  Lao Tzu (1988) stated, “Those with outward courage dare to die, those with inward courage dare to live.”  I try to help my clients find the courage to live their lives.  As an educator my teaching seeks to involve the whole person (Cura Personalis), I do this by bringing my whole person to class (Unity of heart and mind).  Finally, as a supervisor, I work within an existential developmental model.  I believe that students develop into counselors and my role is to help students make meaning (Contemplatives in action) of their current stage of development while supporting and challenging them to grow into the best counselor they can be (Magis). 

My research is focused on understanding and promoting counselor development across skills, cognitions, and relationships.  I am also interested in how self-care develops overtime.  Finally, I am beginning to research systemic approaches that will reduce suicide attempts and deaths. 

I look forward to this new chapter of my career at Regis University.


Lao Tzu. (1988). Tao te ching (S. Mitchell, Tans.) New York, NY: Harper Collins.

Curriculum Vitae