My primary goals are to maximize student learning and students' learning experience. Engaging individuals in relevant dialogue while satisfying course objectives has been more effective than overwhelming students with content. I learned two important lessons from my Regis University mentors: teaching is a blend of substance and presentation, and the less taught the more is learned. Content on its own is similar to a plotless movie where all the scenes are projected, though there's too little continuity to motivate interest. Quality of the presentation adds texture to a fulfilling experience, relating what is taught to the students' professional and personal aspirations. Teaching less allows more time for students to assimilate, synthesize, analyze, and create. Too much substance results in superficial responses with little opportunity for critical thought and reflection about how Jesuit values are integrated into the discussion. The balance is achieved only after years of mentoring and testing; and requires frequent fine-tuning to assure courses are consistent with evolving social norms, topical subject matter, and student engagement.

Curriculum Vitae