Being an educator is a unique privilege and I am honored to do so in such a rich and rewarding environment.  Regis University is a place that calls us all to do more (Magis), to live the mission in our daily lives and to constantly be men and women for and with others.  In my daily teaching, I aim to serve students by helping them find their individual paths and giving them tools to succeed.  I believe in supporting students but holding them to a high standard.  I promote high quality clinical practice through challenging students in innovative ways in and out of the classroom, so they can feel safe in their learning environment but also so they will be well-equipped to provide care for their patients when they graduate.

My research focus and DNP project have been working with patients who have obesity.  I am currently involved in a Primary Care Obesity certificate program and it is my passion to continue to find new ways to support patients who struggle with making lifestyle changes.  I continue to practice in a Primary Care FNP position where I precept FNP students.  I am a board-certified nurse coach and certified Family Nurse Practitioner. 

Curriculum Vitae