Throughout my professional life, I strive to improve the institutions I am privileged to serve. I am fortunate to have had opportunities to expand my thirst for knowledge, my relationships with others, and service to our community. At Regis since 2003, I choose to remain active at Regis based upon Regis' fit within my ethos. Items such as Contemplitives in Action, Cura Personalis, Unity of Mind and Heart, the Magis, and How Ought We to Live resonate within me as well as opportunity to expand others' horizons, self-confidence, and mastery. Relationships and supporting the best in everyone fosters an environment of collaboration, scholarship, and community. I strive to eagerly invest in the potential of others, whether a new or long-term faculty peer, or staff member, through a unity of mind and heart placing students at the core of our work. I am an active leader in Forensic nursing emphasizing child abuse, human trafficking, and interpersonal violence. I invest much of my energy in challenging DNP students to exceed their highest expectation in research and creating tomorrow's nursing environment. I actively teach in both the undergraduate and post graduate programs to remain influential in all facets of the profession of nursing.

Curriculum Vitae