With a background in healthcare and nursing leadership for greater than twenty five years, positions have included charge nurse, educator, director, service line leader, and nurse executive. This wide array of responsibilities has afforded strengths in organizational management, staff and managerial development, change management, operational efficiencies, performance improvement, clinical excellence, patient safety, regulatory compliance, communication, strategic development, strategic alignment and relationship building.

With a need for lifelong learning, the educational focus is to bring life events, actual situations, and human behaviors married with theoretical/conceptual concepts and frameworks to guide future practitioners and leaders in development of their own personal future and that of the profession. Each student needs individualized attention and direction in developing their own unique vision and strategy. As important is examination of self and the impact each can have on their environment and workplace. Focusing on prioritizing patients first drives discussions. Discovery of mission, vision and professional goals and objectives are key to learning material presented.

Nursing, as a profession, brings constant change, growth, mentorship, and service. These core principles are practiced in the classroom to challenge each of us, touching all facets of knowledge acquisition. Problem solving and critical inquiry are part of this educational model. Effectual learning with real stories helps evaluate commitment to patient care and develops leadership skills and insight as nurses.