Mary has passionately worked as a nurse in a variety of settings caring for patients across the life span and across several levels of care. She believes in providing compassionate, respectful, ethical, person-centered, evidenced based health care to patients. She is committed to the practice of reflection, gratitude, forgiveness, and civility. Mary came to Regis University to help with the development and coordination of the new psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program.

Mary’s teaching/learning philosophy is informed by the many inspirational people she has had the opportunity to work with, by Ignatian Pedagogy and Values, and by nursing and other pertinent theoretical concepts. She is an ardent lifelong learner and devoted to providing care, advocating, and making a difference in the lives of those affected by mental health challenges.

Mary sees many parallels in the work with her patients and her students as her teaching philosophy also includes partnership and shared responsibility in identifying and working together toward mutually agreed upon goals. Mary is enthusiastic about guiding nursing students while they are becoming professionals who provide respectful, evidenced-based, holistic care while also seeking a shared understanding with the patients who allow them to enter into their lives. 

Curriculum Vitae