I have been an outstanding nursing educator and capable clinician since August 1999. “Loving, sharing, and caring of person” is the primary principle for my teaching attitude and motivation. During my academic years, I am a scholar with sustained interest in the advancement of nursing profession and in the improvement of nursing practice through research and education. My teaching experiences have made me realize that even the smallest difference makes a difference. I have learned that advocating for the underserved is not only a worthwhile cause, but a rewarding one. Every time I stand at the podium, my main hope is that my students will “be good nurses” in the future. I am not a grade producer, but I want to produce a good nurse. Because of that, I always encourage students “He or she may be one of your 100 patients, but you are his or her one and only nurse.” My intent is that students attain the wisdom, knowledge, and skills necessary to serve, engage, and transform the communities in which they live and work. Helping students grow into successful nurses makes me truly proud and happy.