Professional Bio


  •      Ph.D, Neurobiology and Behavior, University of California, Irvine, 2006
  •      B.A., Biology, University of Virginia, 2000
  •      B.A., Psychology, University of Virginia, 2000

Expertise & Certifications

Research and Scholarship

Research Interests

  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Disability in the Elderly

Recent Publications

Mapstone M, Cheema A, Fiandaca M, Zhong X, Mhyre T, MacArthur L, Hall W, Fisher S, Peterson D, Haley J, Nazar ML, Rich S, Berlau D,  Peltz C,  Kawas C, Tan M. (2014). Plasma phospholipids identify antecedent memory impairment in older adults. Nature Medicine,  (20): 415–418.

Recent Presentations

Mirzaei S, Reinig AM, Berlau DJ. (2017) Translational obstacles with off-label drug use in acute traumatic brain injury. Future Neurology 12(2): 79–88.

Reinig AM*, Mirzaei S*, Berlau DJ. Advances in the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy: New and emerging pharmacotherapies. Pharmacotherapy. 2017 online publication:

Haight, R C, Knutsen, S, Berlau, D, Moote, R. Interventions for promoting continued student success at Regis University School of Pharmacy.  American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Annual Meeting.  Anaheim, CA.  Poster. July 23-27, 2016.

Berlau D, Medina M. Design and Implementation of Active Learning Strategies in Basic Science Courses, ACP Annual Meeting, July 2014.

Berlau D. Predicting Alzheimer’s Disease with a blood test. University Research and Scholarship Symposium, Regis University. Denver, CO: April 2014.

Berlau D.J. “Beyond Basics: Becoming an Expert in TBL Facilitation” Workshop presented at 13th Annual Team-Based Learning Collaborative. March 2014. Fort Worth, TX.

Berlau D.J., Burt, L., Clapp, P., Fete, M., Freitas, E., Shea, L., Sheridan, L. “Electronically Delivered Team-Based Learning”, Poster presented at 13th Annual Team-Based Learning Collaborative. March 2014. Fort Worth, TX.

Berlau DJ, Burt L, Clapp P, Fete M, Freitas E, Shea L, Sheridan L. Electronically Delivered Team-Based Learning, 13th Annual Team-Based Learning Collaborative. Poster. Fort Worth, TX. 2014Berlau D.J. Beyond Basics: Becoming an Expert in TBL Facilitation. 13th Annual Team-Based Learning Collaborative. Workshop. Fort Worth, TX. 2014.

Calderon B, Berlau D. Team-Based Learning 101 . Integrating Learning: A Regis College Faculty Summer Institute, Regis University, Denver, CO. Platform. May 21, 2013.

Berlau D.  Team-Based Learning 101: Introduction to an Active Learning Methodology. 2013 Metropolitan State University of Denver Teacher Scholar Forum. Denver, CO. 2013.

Berlau D, Burt L, Hanselin M, Lalama J, Sheridan L, & Sucher B.  Practical Strategies: Enhancing TBL in Your Classroom. 2013 Team-Based Learning Collaborative - Annual Meeting. San Diego, CA. 2013.

Burt L, Berlau DJ, Buffet L, Hanselin M, Lalama J, Sheridan L, Sucher B. Overcoming Challenges in TBL: The Regis Approach, Team-Based Learning Collaborative, 11th Annual Team-Based Learning Collaborative, St. Petersburg, FL. March 2, 2012.

Awards and Recognition

Teacher of the Year, P-3 class. Regis School of Pharmacy, AY 2012-2013.