Dr. LaToya Braun's approach to the classroom acknowledges that students chose Regis because they are seeking a student-centered, high-quality education emphasizing Jesuit values. She is an educator who continues to grow through research, soliciting feedback from peers and students, serving others, and engaging in discussions about the pharmacy landscape. Her expertise in pharmaceutical sciences translates to classes providing students with a strong foundation in pharmaceutics and calculations. She draws on the six core Jesuit values in her interactions for and with students. Her classes are ever-changing. She is nimble and consistently strives to improve the delivery of her course materials to enhance student learning. One way that she models her commitment to respecting the diverse student population is by incorporating tools gained at an RU Inclusive Workshop to encourage her students to share with her their unique needs for getting the most from her instruction. She strives to create an inclusive environment emphasizing respect and appreciation of everyone's strengths and gifts. To meet the educational needs of all students, she utilizes multiple approaches to present complex concepts. She has been a recipient of a Teacher of the Year Award and nominated for a Senior Faculty Award.

Curriculum Vitae