Dr. Clapp attended Haverford College, a small Pennsylvania liberal-arts college with Quaker traditions, from 1994-1997 when he received his BA in Cellular and Molecular Biology. He earned his PhD in Biological Chemistry from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 2005 and proceeded to postdoctoral training in neuropharmacology research at the University of Colorado from 2005-2010.

His teaching philosophy reflects his inquisitive and intuitive nature. “I encourage students to talk about what they know and not aggrandize what I know. I ask questions and hope to be challenged with questions in return; to hear concerns about the process of learning as well as the topic. I aspire to learn as much as I teach.” Dr. Clapp was recognized for teaching excellence by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy in 2011 with a Teacher of the Year Award.

During the development of the Regis Pharmacy program, Dr. Clapp helped create formal Team-based Learning (TBL) training processes for incoming faculty members.  He has used these professional development materials to facilitate training workshops across the country. In his current research, Dr. Clapp’s interests revolve around understanding the impact of integrated team-teaching and TBL-based education on student team development and faculty workforce cohesiveness.  

Curriculum Vitae