My teaching philosophy starts by connecting personally with students, getting to know how they learn, and helping them walk away with the knowledge to pass the teaching along to others. At the end of my lesson, my goal is to provide the students with the knowledge to spread my passion of the subject to their colleagues. My goals to be the best teacher I can be include; Be actively involved in teaching the students how to be compassionate, respectful individuals that learn from one another in the group experience by being open to feedback and delivering feedback to each other as needed. Seek personal growth and development by practicing what I teach with my students to improve my technique. Soliciting feedback from students and my colleagues to always embrace changes and improve coursework in our evolving role as teachers. Finally I will set clear, concise expectations of organization, preparation and completion of the homework for students to excel in their studies. I am passionate about two things; people and education. Both of these are the foundation of the Jesuit practice with guidance through God. Each individual person, who they are, how they think and learn excites me. I want to be a part of the education to help transform our future pharmacists to become “men and women of competence, conscience and compassion, who are committed to the service of others.”