Dr. Sayre joined the faculty of Regis University School of Pharmacy in 2019. He completed his education at the University of Iowa and subsequently completed post-graduate residencies at the Veteran Affairs Eastern Colorado Health Care System. His second year of residency specialized in Psychiatric Pharmacy and informs his current research interests in mental health, neurology, substance abuse, and public health. 

Dr. Sayre believes the mission of Regis University navigates the vital questions and meanings that every person should reflect on as part of their identity. It is natural that educational goals should stem from a mission rooted in the continual search for truth, values, and just existence. “How ought we live?” is a succinct proposition that encompasses the heart of the mission, as well as his ideology. The question is both a challenge and a model for meaningful growth. Dr. Sayre’s teaching philosophy embraces these sentiments and he strives to integrate these practices in his daily work. He aims to facilitate the learning process synergistically with the student’s active engagement. His expectations for the student are to improve each day, pursue continual personal growth, and care for the whole person.

Curriculum Vitae