I began at Regis University as a recruited soccer player; however, after only 7 games, I was deemed medically unable to play after several knee surgeries. Regis University and the Board of Trustees honored my full ride scholarship through my 4 years of eligibility (including 2 years of pharmacy school). This proves Regis University not only speaks of its values and mission, but also exemplifies these values as well. As a Regis alumnus, I continue to promote “Magis” and “Cura personalis” in my clinical practice as well as a faculty member. How best we serve the greatest majority of people is how we should live - in my case, becoming a faculty member helps develop pharmacists to practice with Regis values. Caring for the whole person, not just medications, is the way in which Regis pharmacists should practice and ultimately care for their patients.

Teaching philosophy: I believe all students should have ample opportunities to be involved and participate in their schooling. There should be a high expectation set for students to be successful based on their individual potential upon graduation. This standard for students to excel in their careers should include becoming leaders and giving back to their community.  Collaboration and communication amongst peers should be encouraged while students also embrace their individual learning style. My ideal classroom environment is one that is both stimulating and challenging yet straight forward with known learning objectives and goals to accomplish during class. All students and faculty will consistently embody the ideals of professionalism. From my doctoral course experience, each student should learn how to effectively utilize their knowledge and navigate resources to discover how to be successful in real-world situations.

Curriculum Vitae