Ira Gorman has been a physical therapist for 40 years and has been at Regis University since the creation of the PT program in 1995. He was a part of the group of professionals that came together in 1994 to create a new physical therapy education program in Colorado that was evidenced based and believed in quality patient centered care around Jesuit values. Ira presently focuses his teaching on the areas health policy, business management, diagnostic imaging, global health and professional values. He incorporates his behavioral health and public health background to give the students a population health perspective that incorporates the social determinants of health into a physical therapy intervention program that helps truly meet the APTA vision of transforming society. Ira has a long history of public policy work on health care reform nationally as a member of the public policy committee for APTA, the APTA Political Action Committee Board of Trustees and the locally as a member of Colorado Commission for Affordable Healthcare. He teaches with passion, commitment and practical experience as a former clinic owner and clinic director. He is also the clinical manager of RegisCares, the on campus physical therapy faculty practice.

Curriculum Vitae