Throughout my career as an educator and practitioner, I have strived to embody elements specific to a Jesuit education (leadership, value-centered education, service, social justice, and research and scholarship) into my practice.  In using such elements as a guide, I have been able to model a positive impact on students that inspires them to become conscientious clinicians as well as preparing them to live in a mature and responsible manner. In addition, by integrating questions of meaning, ethics, and values into my teaching and work, I have been able to implement more appropriate and challenging learning experiences to promote further social and cultural growth of students and patients alike. Through multiple service opportunities, I have extended my knowledge and skills to underserved communities of the world and have come to understand the importance of social justice and sustainability.  Finally, by furthering my education in the area of research and statistics, I am able to postulate and investigate a multitude of research questions.  As a research educator I am able to provide opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to advance their knowledge base in research; thus allowing for further dissemination of pertinent research outcomes across the Physical Therapy profession and abroad.