Exercise Your Influence

Physical Therapy classroomOur Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science degree prepares you with the knowledge to promote health, prevent disease, and ultimately improve the quality of life of individuals and communities.




This degree is a four year degree consisting of 128 semester hours of coursework.  Anyone interested in pursuing a degree in health promotion and disease prevention may be interested in this option. High school student or students with prior college credit are eligible to apply.  All students interested in declaring Health and Exercise Science as a major are welcome to pursue the degree assuming they are in good academic standing as defined in the bulletin relative to RHCHP students.

Graduates will be prepared to develop and implement health promotion programs that improve health behaviors and enhance the well‑being of their clients at an individual, group and societal level.

The primary academic pillars of this degree include biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor behavior, psychological aspects of exercise, and nutrition.

Students interested in pursuing a B.S. in Health & Exercise Science will begin as a Regis College student. After completing the necessary prerequisite coursework, they are eligible to progress into their program curriculum offered through Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions.

You will need to complete the Regis College Admissions Application. Please select the link below that is most appropriate.

Incoming Freshman

Students with Prior College Credit (Transfer Students)


Materials in support of an application for admission become the property of Regis University and will not be provided or returned to an applicant.

What does this degree prepare me to do? 

This degree prepares you for employment in community clinics, private and resort based health and fitness centers, college and university student and employee health centers, government agencies, private wellness and health promotion counseling firms, insurance companies and worksite health promotion centers.

Does this degree prepare me for application to Physical Therapy programs? 

With specific advising and use of electives, students can fulfill specific prerequisite coursework to apply to Doctor of Physical Therapy programs either at Regis University or elsewhere.

Who teaches the courses? 

Faculty from Regis College teach the first two years of prerequisite courses and the School of Physical Therapy faculty teach  the upper division courses of the BS in Health and Exercise Science degree.

Do I get special consideration if I want to apply to Regis University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program?

Students that attend Regis University and complete the Health and Exercise Science degree are given additional consideration in the DPT application review process, but we do not guarantee admission to these students.