Mario Espinoza, CPS ’13

Mario Espinoza received his Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology in December 2013. After graduation, he felt compelled to serve others, prompting him to found a nonprofit called Elevation Blueprint. He spoke with Regis Magazine about his journey.

What was your educational history prior to Regis?

Before Regis, I had never been to college. I was in the military for 11 years, and when I got out, I worked as a defense contractor. When my contract ended, I was left without a job, and I had no schooling. Going to college was my only option to become more viable in the workplace. When I started, I majored in computer science. But that wasn’t my passion. I met with Steve Jacobs, who was then the assistant vice president of academic affairs, and he helped me realize my passion of helping people. So I changed my degree to psychology.

Tell us about starting the nonprofit.

I had a friend who was teaching English. We started talking about creating a nonprofit. From there it took on a life of its own. What we are doing is making education possible for individuals who don’t speak English by helping them use their cell phones and other technology to learn English. We have teachers in-house developing the technology. Now anyone in the world can access our system.

How has Regis’ mission of service affected your education and career?

Some of my classes really encouraged me to volunteer and be with others who didn’t have as much. I realized that there were people who needed my help.

How has Regis continued to influence you?

Regis is the foundation for my entire organization. Everything I learned at Regis, I am using today.