Conversation with

Lucie Tran

Lucie Tran, a process engineer/project manager consultant for CIO Source, graduated from Regis University three different times. But the motivation to get her latest degree, a Master of Nonprofit Management (MNM), made this time even more special. She shared her story with Regis University Alumni Magazine.

Why Regis?

I felt at home in the Regis community. In 2003 I graduated with a bachelor’s in neuroscience, psychology and math, and in 2007, I graduated from the MBA program with specializations in international business and operations management. This past May, it was the MNM degree. Each time I’ve started a new program here, I felt like I was coming home again.

Why study nonprofit management?

The story of why I enrolled makes this degree unique. I had a great friend named Marisa Colaiano who worked for Kroenke Sports Charities. She was enrolled in the MNM program, but passed away due to complications of multiple sclerosis before she could complete it. I contacted Regis to see if I could complete the degree in her honor. I was in a classroom a few weeks later on a mission to honor her.

What was your takeaway from the program?

Like Marisa, my classmates are caring, compassionate and dedicated. Hearing what they do, the reasons they do it and their impact in the community is inspiring. I am now a much more informed donor and may look for board opportunities in the future. If you can donate time, money, goods or your specialized skill set, it can go a long way.