Conversation with

Brady Blackburn

After graduating with a bachelor’s in English, Brady Blackburn, RC ’13, decided to take control of his future. He formed the nonprofit Untold International (untoldinternational.org) with Kaitlyn Medina, RC ’13, to support literacy and cultural expression within a small village in Ghana. He spoke with Regis University Alumni Magazine about pursuing his calling and the difference it’s making.

Why Ghana?

I studied abroad there and knew I wanted to get back to the people of Ghana. The country is about 76 percent literate; they’re taught to read and write English, but not Twi, a popular native language. We want to teach both English and Twi so the people of the village are literate in both languages. We have been in talks with village leaders, who have helped secure a plot of land, labor, materials and a place for us to stay. The goal is to help build a literacy center, library and writing center as well as train educators, but ultimately leave it in their hands to sustain.

How has your Regis education influenced your work?

I learned that literature is more than reading books; these beautiful and harrowing stories are applicable outside of the classroom. And now the people of this village will be able to express themselves in their own language, write literature they are proud of and create distinct ideas that will help preserve their culture.

What have you learned from following your passion?

Having faith in the direction you’re going and a profound reason for doing it is all you need to get started. Once you step out of your comfort zone, you see things you couldn’t have seen by waiting around for all the answers.