Conversation with

Kelsey Randle

Kelsey Randle believes philanthropy comes from the heart, with a determined thoughtfulness for others. A recent Regis College graduate and current graduate student in the Masters of Nonprofit Management program, Randle works for United Way in Austin, Texas, and is also an advisor for Girls Giving Grants, a young women philanthropic organization. She presented earlier this year at TedXMileHigh about giving back in meaningful ways and spoke with us about her Regis education and what serving the community means to her.

What was your main message at TedXMileHigh?

I spoke about identifying as a philanthropist and supporting a community in thoughtful ways. Becoming a philanthropist begins by creating thoughtfulness toward others, regardless of finances. Being intentional with small amounts of money ends up making a great impact – and money given with heart is powerful.

What role does the Jesuit mission play in our society?

Regis gave me the mindfulness to see issues in my community and engage others to seek creative solutions. I learned that giving back means we believe in a force greater than ourselves, and we invest in and love each other. No one knows when he or she will need to lean on his or her community for support. It got me thinking, what can I do every day to help my community support other underserved individuals?

How can one become a thoughtful leader today?

Realize your own vulnerability and from this, realize your own strength. Then look outward, and encourage those around you to do the same.