Conversation with

Karen Webber

With 34 years as a Regis University employee, Karen Webber has seen, well, a lot. Webber, who has served nearly every University department, will retire this year. She reflected on her time at Regis during a conversation with Regis University Alumni Magazine.

Which was your favorite job?

I’ve been honored to be a part of many positive changes at Regis over the years. I loved working with students in financial aid; with the Regis College faculty when I served as chief negotiator on the collective bargaining agreement; with master planning capital construction and Physical Plant, ITS, Campus Safety, Enrollment Services and Human Resources when I was vice president for administration; and with the president and Board of Trustees as vice president/chief of staff.

What is your most beloved memory from Regis?

In spring 1989, I was needed at a student meeting in the Student Center. Eight months pregnant, I waddled from Main Hall to the meeting. To my surprise, I was met with praise and given the Administrator of the Year award by the student body. It was one of the most touching moments of my life here.

How will Regis remain with you?How will Regis remain with you?

The Regis community celebrated with me my greatest joys, especially the births of my two daughters. They supported me through my pain and fear as I battled breast cancer. They grieved with and comforted me through my greatest sorrow upon the death of my husband. My heart will belong to Regis and its people to the end of my days.

What’s next?

I plan to spend a lot of time with first grandchild, and to travel recreationally a great deal.