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The Three Components of the First-Year Experience

We support students who are transitioning in to our community and our learning culture in three ways. 

1. The First-Year Core Curriculum. 

Incoming students take a fall writing seminar and a spring speaking-intensive core seminar. These offer a strong foundation in what we call eloquentia perfecta, academic excellence in writing and speaking for the greater good. You will be a part of the same small group of students for both your Fall and Spring Foundational Core seminars, learning together, supporting one another over the course of the year, and exploring self and world in community. 

2. Advising and Mentoring. 

How do you become better at noticing what’s going on in your life, in your surrounding community and in the world? How do you become better at reflecting on the things you notice? How do you become better at translating those reflections into decisions? 

At Regis, we call this process of discernment (noticing, reflecting and decision-making) the Experience-Reflection-Action Model of Learning, and this model shapes the the curriculum we offer to all our incoming students. 

To assist you in this process, your Fall writing seminar professor will also serve as your first-year faculty advisor. She or he can help you to reflect on your transition to college so that you can make decisions about our liberal arts and sciences core curriculum (the Distributive Core) and about the many resources available to support you as a student. That guidance in what you do at Regis helps you discern who you want to become. 

3. Orientation to a diverse and inclusive community. 

As a Jesuit institution, our mission to seek knowledge demands that we engage with and serve a broader community in order to promote the common good. And our commitments to service and justice shape the way that we respect and support each other. We invite incoming students to find their own sense of place and belonging in this community with a range of programming throughout their first year.