An alternative pathway through the First Year Experience, En/Route seeks to link the practices of eloquentia perfecta with the skills and virtues required by another Jesuit ideal, that of being women and men in service of others through a yearlong, weekly service component. Second, it tries to link both of these with the intellectual skills and virtues required for a third ideal, ethical reflection, understood as a willingness and ability to subject your own and others’ opinions about the good life to critical examination. Simply put, En/Route helps new students become working members of a learning community like Regis by exploring how three basic aspects of human life—speaking, doing, and thinking—fruitfully relate to one another.


Students complete 3-4 hours of weekly fieldwork at a local organization that addresses the needs of underserved populations and promotes social justice. By using social observation and analysis, students learn the language of advocacy. These experiences are related in the classroom by means of reading, reflection, writing and group discussion. The goal in taking a double approach is to trace the connections between academic life at Regis and life in and beyond the city of Denver.

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