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Center for Service Learning

For more than 25 years the Center for Service Learning at Regis College has partnered with students, faculty and the community to educate, engage and connect with the public as positive agents of change for local and global justice. Our goal is for students to gain an understanding of their ability to impact their community and make a recognizable difference, but also to realize their responsibility to use their gifts and talents to contribute to a more just world.

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An alternative pathway through the First Year Experience, En/Route seeks to link the practices of eloquentia perfecta with the skills and virtues required by another Jesuit ideal – that of being women and men in service of others – through a year-long, weekly service component.

Romero House

Romero House offers undergraduates in any field of study an opportunity to experience life in an intentional community in service of others. Residents spend a year committed to social justice and living out Archbishop Oscar Romero’s call to immerse themselves in the world.

Learning Through Service

As members of the human community, it is easy to forget, dismiss, or distance yourself from people living the reality of marginalization. We believe that as you work alongside members of your community, you develop an ability to listen and to learn from people whose voices are often not heard. Therefore, our goal is that as participants in service learning, you will not only gain an understanding of your ability to impact your community and make a recognizable difference, but also of your responsibility to use your gifts and talents to contribute to a more just world.

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Contact and Location Information

Regis College Center for Service Learning

Loyola Room 30

Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


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