The choice to come to college is the choice to start something new. In the Regis First Year Experience, we ask students “to choose that choice” in two senses.

On the one hand, college offers many opportunities (some startlingly unexpected) to begin again, to reconsider the reasons for being in college and the personal meaning of pursuing higher education. In the First Year Experience, we encourage students to embrace those opportunities for a new start.

On the other hand, college is not only about what students do, but also who they become. In the First Year Experience, we encourage students to choose both the “what “ of their adult freedom and the “who.”

It is for this reason that the Fall writing seminar professor also serves as academic advisor for students in their first year. These advisors meet students where they are as newcomers; guide them in reflecting on their passions, their strengths, their limitations; and help them connect those things to their goals and to the world around them. In addition, our advisors engage students in the kind of thoughtful exploration and planning which leads to responsible decisions about and increasing responsibility for coursework and a course of study. Finally, our advisors can help direct students to resources they may need to be successful and to the many other potential mentors on campus for support in becoming more discerning about their experiences.