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The education team has orchestrated a curricular transformation that will benefit teacher candidates for years to come. You see, current and aspiring teachers have several important challenges that cannot be ignored.

  1. One challenge is named “Digital Native.” For younger generations, the idea of a party line, rotary phone, or television without a remote control is equivalent to dinosaurs roaming the Earth! Therefore, instructional technology will be an integrated part of every course. Teachers who work well with digital natives are courageous seekers, learners, and users of technological applications themselves.
  2. A second challenge is data literacy. To survive in the current era of complex measures of teacher effectiveness, high stakes testing, and increasing public accountability teachers must be skillful consumers and producers of data. Teachers must adopt strategies to gather, analyze, reflect on and discuss data. They must be adept leaders in facilitating respectful conversations about tough questions.
  3. The third challenge is named “Character.” Our new programs explicitly imbed what distinguishes us most from other higher educational institutions – our Jesuit values – into each course.

In other news, after 32 years with Regis University, Dr. Susan Vodehnal will retire this month. Sue has been awarded the distinguished honor of professor emerita.

Kind Regards,


Janna Oakes, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Education & Counseling