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Country Average Teacher Salary (USD) Full Time Average Gross Wages of Workers in the Country (USD) Average MBA Wages in the Country (USD)
United States 55,300 54,450 84,000
England 44,000 45,000 78,000
So. Korea 75,000 35,000 46,000
Canada 55,000 42,000 83,000
Israel 36,000 29,000 31,000
Norway 40,500 46,000 51,000
Finland 43,000 37,000 39,500
Australia 47,000 45,000 48,500
Japan 58,000 35,000 51,000
New Zealand 43,000 42,000 44,200
Average 49,680 41,045 55,670

So what does this information tell us? In reality, not much, because there are just too many variables that come into play when looking at how much someone gets paid. Overall, it appears that teacher compensation is pretty competitive around the world especially when you factor in that teachers have generous vacation and pension systems supplementing their gross wages. However, it should be recognized that average salary is just one metric in determining the adequacy of someone’s compensation. I found MBA salaries varied wildly depending on industry, fields, specialties, geography and alma mater. Many of the same factors influencing MBA salaries can influence teacher salaries to a similar degree. Ultimately, there is no one metric for compensation, but I can suggest one that we should think about using in education more often. This metric is one I mentioned a bit earlier, I am referring to talent. We need to stop thinking of teachers as interchangeable widgets that all look, act and perform alike. We need to find the most talented and capable teachers possible and then reward them appropriately for using their talent to educate our children. We owe our kids no less.