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Athens Migration Dialogue Experience

It was amazing how quickly a conversation with my professor about potential options for an internship materialized into an unforgettable experience. Read More.

I met with my advisor Dr. Michael Spangle on a Wednesday. Dr. Spangle provided me with a few contacts, one of which was Nan Burnette an adjunct professor at Regis and an active member of Mediators Beyond Borders. I contacted Nan on Thursday regarding her involvement with the Athens Migration Dialogue project and on Friday I was submitting my application to renew my passport so I could participate in the project as an intern on the international team!

I was able to work side by side with leaders in the field of alternative dispute resolution from around the world. It was an amazing feeling to be having dinner and working with some of the authors of the books and articles I had used as sources for my research in the field. The opportunity and the experience that was provided for me through my relationship with my advisor, professors, and classroom speakers as well as the relationships formed internationally through this internship experience have been priceless.