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International Dialogues Collaborative to be held in Athens

By Josh Hall, Regis University Reporting
March 21, 2013

Los Angeles, CA and Athens Greece – Kenneth Cloke, president Emeritus and board member of Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI), announces groundbreaking dialogues to be held in Athens, Greece, on April 25-29. MBBI is partnering with the Hellenic Mediation and Arbitration Centre to build the capacity of local communities in Athens to design, organize and conduct dialogues that address difficult and dangerous issues such as immigration. Read More.

Cloke states “If we can start with an international team of mediators and organize a dialogue on immigration with Greek mediators, bringing together representatives of the main immigrant organizations, government officials, political and community leaders, religious organizations, police officials, and participants from the immigrant populations in Athens, we may be able to significantly increase understanding, create new possibilities, reach consensus on practical recommendations for action, and reduce the growing threat of hatred and violence.”

Why Dialogues on Immigration in Athens?

This is a critical time in Greece’s recent history. The impact of the EU fiscal crisis has reached a crescendo at the same time that leagues of immigrants have crossed into Greece to escape violence in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, assembling in large numbers in Athens and creating a strain on local communities.

There have been daily protests and riots in Greece and the emergence of fringe political groups like the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which has been beating up immigrants and is reported to have considerable support among the police.

MBBI and the Hellenic Mediation and Arbitration Centre propose to conduct a series of dialogues to assist civil society in Greece in building its capacity for peaceful engagement and finding creative solutions to difficult and contentious issues, and to reveal better ways of responding to the growing strain placed on society by the economic crisis and immigration issues.

About Mediators Beyond Borders International and the Hellenic Mediation and Arbitration Centre

MBBI builds local skills for peace and promotes mediation worldwide. MBBI has formed a team of highly respected international volunteer mediators who will partner with Greek mediators on April 24-30, 2013, and train them in advanced dialogue techniques. Together, they will facilitate large and small group dialogues on the subject of immigration.

Dr. Ionna Anastassopoulou is a founding member and sits in the Board of the Hellenic Mediators’ Association. Dr. Anastassopoulou started the Mediation and Arbitration Centre for business disputes. The Centre is offering arbitration and mediation services and training. Since its inception, Dr. Anastassopoulou organized numerous events in Greece promoting arbitration and mediation among the legal profession.

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