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Buy Local Initiative

Regis University is committed to developing lasting, meaningful relationships within the community and supporting our local businesses. Regis Rewards is an annual Regis University program that supports local businesses by providing a platform to directly market to Regis students, faculty and staff.

Program Benefits

  • Highlight of your business, services, location and website on the Regis website.
  • Direct marketing to Regis employees and students, a base of 3,000+ individuals.
  • Exclusive opportunities for networking and business partnerships, virtually and on the NW Denver campus.
  • Discount offers for students and employees to support and explore local businesses.

Join the Regis Rewards Program

Promote your local business to the Regis Community as part of the Regis Rewards Program.

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Gain digital and in-person exposure for your business to a community of socially-conscious lifelong learners.

  1. Join the Regis Rewards program to promote your business to the Regis community.
  2. Engage customers in annual discount offerings, coupons and Buy Local events for increased exposure.
  3. Grow your business with access to more prospective customers and loyal patrons.

Registration closes July 31, 2020 and reopens for the 2021-22 academic year on July 1, 2021.

About Regis Rewards

Businesses complete your registration indicating desire to participate. Registrations are reviewed by the Marketing and Communications staff. There is no charge to participate. Participating businesses will receive a window decal to be placed in the business storefront.

Discount offers will be valid between August 1 and June 30 of each year, and businesses will be required to sign up again each June. Deadline for completing forms is July 31, 2020.

Regis University will list the participating businesses on the Regis Rewards webpage. Regis University will promote the rewards program to their employees and students via internal communications and offer virtual and in-person opportunities for businesses to highlight services or products. Regis University will also follow up with businesses to determine effectiveness. Businesses are asked to provide results of the discount program annually.

Participation Terms and Conditions

  1. Business will offer a discount, product or service of your choosing ("Offer") to Regis University community members, including students, faculty, staff and alumni, who present a Regis ID. Examples include: complimentary beverages and appetizers, buy one get one free offers and % discounts. We reserve the right to exclude or limit any business that may not align with University values and mission or remove a business from participation for any reason.
  2. Business will permit the use of their logo on the Regis website as part of the rewards program.
  3. Business will display the Regis Rewards sticker in a visible, public location at your business while you are participating in the Regis Rewards program. If business is removed from participation, business will stop displaying the sticker. Participation in the Regis Rewards program does not grant you a right or license to use Regis University's name or logos in any advertising or other communications without the express written consent of the University.
  4. Purchases and sales made through the program are solely the responsibility of the business. Regis University has no obligation related to the discount offer provided by the business.
  5. Participation in the Regis Rewards program is voluntary for both local businesses and Regis University faculty, staff and students.
  6. Changes may be made to the Regis Rewards program at any time.
  7. These terms and conditions represent the complete understanding of a business participation in the Rewards program.
  8. Regis University does not endorse any of the businesses, products or quality of merchandise provided by participants in the Regis Rewards program.