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Bringing Focus to Business and IT

The Common Good Network goes beyond providing business and technical education — we're here to help improve the human condition for the betterment of society. Guided by Jesuit values, we're building a business-based technology ecosystem that encourages diversity, solves problems collaboratively and strengthens our shared cyber economy.

About Common Good Network

After getting a start in the hands of passionate faculty members, the network has been driven by generosity. As the network continues to grow, we are achieving major goals guided by our values.

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In 2017, faculty created the Center for Common Good Computing, which has since been named the Common Good Network. Its success is driven by the generous support of the network’s sponsors and donors and the hard work of the network’s faculty, staff, students, alumni and partners.

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The Common Good Network’s mission is to create responsive, dynamic, cutting edge solutions to improve the human condition for the betterment of society. The collaborative endeavor brings together industry, government and education institutions to facilitate the exchange of ideas, experiences, capabilities, tools and people and remove barriers to drive shared economic goals across the cyber ecosystem.

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Rooted in Jesuit values, the Common Good Network is a business-focused technology ecosystem that creates pathways for innovation, thereby transforming and improving society.

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  • Encourage diversity within the business community, with a focus on diversity within the cybersecurity and data science fields.
  • Create an efficient and effective shared, business-based cyber economy.
  • Support experiential learning opportunities to help solve problems collaboratively.
  • Build a safer, more socially just cyber community for all business users.
  • Share ideas and create pathways for innovation.

Here's how we help our students.

Monica Coughlin

"My time at Regis ingrained in me the idea that it's essential to be a part of the community around you."

Monica Coughlin
Chief Operating Officer,
Colorado Technology Association

B.S. Computer Science and B.S. Business Administration, 1998

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"You've got to know more than just being a technical guru. You have to . . . have a social conscience."

Robert "Bob" Brockish

B.S. Mathematics, 1956

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Robert "Bob" Brockish and others work in server room

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Programs and Initiatives

Our faculty are actively involved in programs and activities that connect with and influence the community.

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Meet Our Leadership

Walter Sulmeisters

Assistant Professor and Director, Center for Common Good Computing

Matt Daly

Associate Dean, Fiscal and Operations. Professor, Accounting

Bob Bowles

Assistant Professor and Director, Center for Information Assurance Studies

Kenneth Sagendorf, Ph.D.

John J. Sullivan Endowed Chair for Free Enterprise, Professor and Director, Innovation Center