Post-Graduate Residency Training

Regis University School of Pharmacy graduates have performed extremely well in the post-graduate match process. For the past two years, graduates from Regis University School of Pharmacy have matched with American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) accredited postgraduate year-1 (PGY1) residency programs at a higher rate than the national average.

Residency training is an increasingly popular way to acquire post-graduate experience in many areas of pharmacy and pharmacy practice. As health care demands more advanced patient care skills, therapeutic knowledge and practice management expertise, pharmacy students and pharmacists from across the country will be seeking residency positions. Regis University School of Pharmacy (SOP) has collaborated with several health care organizations in the Denver area to develop a number of post-graduate residency training programs that meet our mission and vision to develop leaders in the profession of pharmacy.


Residency Partners

Penrose St. Francis

Centura Health Penrose-St. Francis Health Services PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency (2 positions)

The Centura Health PGY1 Pharmacy Residency program provides residents with the tools to pursue specialized PGY2 training and board certification, to and prepare them for general clinical practice through a well-rounded, comprehensive experience. The learning opportunities offered within this residency include critical care, cardiovascular, trauma, general medicine (medical, surgical, ortho, spine/neuro), rehab, pediatrics, oncology, infectious disease and a transitions of care program focused on heart failure and acute coronary syndromes. In addition, the residents spend 10% of their time acquiring teaching experience at the Regis University School of Pharmacy.


Safeway PGY-1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency (2 positions)

Safeway’s Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Program develops pharmacists engaged in direct patient care services with experience and confidence working interprofessionally throughout transitions of care to improve medication therapy outcomes. The residency integrates the development of core competencies in teaching, precepting, research, innovation, management and leadership. 20% of the resident’s time is dedicated to teaching at the Regis University School of Pharmacy.

St. Anthony Hospital

Centura Health St. Anthony Hospital PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency (2 positions)

The purpose of the Centura Health St. Anthony Hospital PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency is to provide pharmacists with the tools to pursue specialized PGY-2 training, or prepare them for general clinical practice with an emphasis in acute care. Learning opportunities include diverse experiences in an acute care setting as well as ambulatory care exposure in the transitions of care clinic; the residents commit 10% of their time to teaching at the Regis University School of Pharmacy (SOP). The residency program’s commitment to assist graduates in promoting their own professional growth and maturity by developing leadership and practice skills aligns with the vision of the SOP to develop leaders able to practice effectively in the changing health care environment.

Swedish Medical Center

HealthONE Swedish Medical Center (1 position)

The Swedish Medical Center PGY-1 Residency Program develops its graduates into competent clinical practitioners with an emphasis in internal medicine and critical care. Residents rotate at Regis University approximately one day per month, and complete a focused one-month rotation assisting in courses that align with the goals of the residency program. Collaboration with this community partner meets the SOP’s goal to provide opportunities to develop life-long learners adept at critical thinking and effective communication. Similar to the vision of the Regis University SOP, this program strives for excellence in its training of graduates.