Resources for Parents

Your student is heading to college and it’s an incredibly exciting time for families.  It’s also an experience that comes with a lot of questions and involves navigating an institution that is much different than your students’ K-12 education.  No longer are their grades available by logging into their student account, no more newsletters from teachers showing up in your email box, and no more standing in long lines in the gym for parent-teacher conferences.  These, it turns out, are good things. 

Your student is a young adult, but they are not alone and neither are you.  Regis has lots of resources to help you both navigate this important time in your lives.  Please use this site as a central place to connect with the resources that you will need during this journey as a Regis parent, family member and supporter. Questions about something that you cannot find here?   Contact the Office of Student Life for answers or contact the Office of Admissions and we will be happy to point you in the right direction. 

Ranger Welcome Weekend 2022

Check back soon for details about how we will welcome our new Regis Rangers to campus for fall 2022!

Stay up to date with University decisions and safety precautions during this pandemic season.

student moving into dorm

Parent and Family Orientation

Begin your college journey and meet new people though our orientation weekend.

students first day of school

Adjusting to College

Whether your student is thousands of miles away from home, or driving back to the house daily, navigating the transition from High School to college has its challenges.  Every family and student makes that transition in their own ways.  We’ve got some helpful thoughts about that transition.

Student Safety

Safety is always a high priority on Regis' campuses. Stay connected with up to date information and notifications through RU Alerts. 


Important Resources

Student Housing

View Regis' various living options.

Meal Plans

Pick a dining plan that fits you.


Buy books, school suplies and Regis swag.

Student Affairs

Enhance your student experience outside of the classroom.

Academic Catalogs and Calendar

Stay informed about the academic year.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are comitted to making our campus welcome to all.

First Year Experience

From curriculum, to academic advising and mentoring we want to provide your student with everything they will need to succeed.

Counseling and Personal Development

Talk with someone who can help you navigate through school and life.

Career and Professional Development

Work on your resume or search for job oppertunities with a trained expert. 

Military and Veterans Services

Learn about the benefits that are available for Military and Veteran students.

Health Services

Providing all the resources students may need to stay healthy and safe year around.

University Ministry

All are welcomed to participate is in the wide array of spiritual and community engagement events.


Learn more about student inforamtion privacy. 

Title IX Office

Learn more about the steps we are taking to stay in compliance with Title IX.

Victims Advocacy and Violence Prevention

We are commited to keeping all students safe on all of our campus'.

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Affording College

Learn about the various ways to finance your degree plan as well as ways to stay financially responsible.

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Student Mail Services

All resident student mail is normally delivered to student mailboxes by 12 noon on weekdays. Feel free to send your student a care-package, letters, or something sweet to lift their spirits and stay connected.

student to talking to parent on move in day

Your Home on the Range Newsletter

Emailed every week to incoming students, the Your Home on the Range newsletter contains important information on how to prepare for your arrival at Regis. Check out our archive if you missed an issue! 

Newsletter Archive

Just Like Home

Are you too far away to celebrate a special occasion with a student? Treat them to a personalized birthday cake, cupcakes, brownies or cookie plates freshly prepared by our on-campus caterer, Bon Appetit.

First Year Experience

The Office of the First Year Experience supports students transitioning into the Regis community and our learning environment and oversees the academic orientation, core studies and advising and mentoring of first-year students.