Conversations in Care: Soulcare for Troubled Times

February 23, 2021
05:30 PM - 06:30 PM
Admissions Events
Soulcare for Troubled Times with Betsy Hall, PhD, Assistant Dean, Division of Counseling and Family Therapy
As a health care professional, there’s nothing more important than keeping up with recent developments and breakthroughs in medicine and health care. That’s why Regis is proud to introduce our online webinar series, Conversations in Care, where we invite you to join our health care and nursing faculty as they introduce emerging topics and cutting-edge research in health care.
Learning is a lifelong pursuit, which is why we’re committed to providing educational opportunities to the greater Regis community. Discover strategies to tend to our deeper spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing in order to minimize depression, anxiety, fear and loneliness during trying times.