The Regis Cupboard

Hunger and food insecurity are realities everywhere, even on college campuses. Regis offers a student food pantry on the Northwest Denver Campus called the Cupboard. Initially funded by a grant from The Denver Post Community Foundation, The Cupboard will not only provide free meals and snacks for students and their families who are facing food insecurities, it will highlight an issue that often is ignored – college hunger.

Located in the Dayton Memorial Library, Room 114, on the 1st floor all one must do is enter the library from the North doors and we are down stairs on the first level, down the hall on the right side. You may also access the pantry using the elevator. 

Together with Military and Veteran Services, The Cupboard partners with other University departments as well as faculty, staff, students and the larger community to tap into a shared passion for helping people and also raise awareness about reducing hunger, food insecurities and food waste. 

Order from Regis Cupboard Online

There are now two ways to access the Cupboard: In-person or online. Feel free to stop by during our posted M-F hours, or use the online order form.

fresh vegetables and food

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

If you're dealing with food insecurity, SNAP is a government aid program that provides money for purchasing groceries.

bag of groceries and canned food

Take a Bite Out of Hunger

Donations for the Cupboard can be made directly inside the entrance of the Dayton Memorial Library. The most-needed items include: 

  • Items high in protein (canned tuna or chicken, peanut butter)
  • Dry goods (grains, rice, cereal)
  • Soups (canned, ramen noodle soup, Cup O' Noodles)
  • Canned fruits or vegetables
  • Personal hygiene items (toothpaste, shampoo, feminine hygiene products)
  • Items for special dietary needs (gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sodium)

Online Food Donations

Online food donations can be made via the Amazon wish list. Food donations are highly encouraged and always in demand.

How to Use the Pantry

Any current student at the Regis who is in need can stop by the Pantry to pick up free food and hygiene items and/or to get help connecting to university and community resources related to food insecurity. Just remember to bring your student ID card so we can verify that you're a current Regis student.

Donate Items

It’s easy to help support Regis students by dropping off food and hygiene donations at the donation bins around campus. Please know that we cannot accept opened/used items; rusty, damaged or dented cans; expired food; homemade food; home canned food; alcohol; energy drinks; food with no label; or food that requires refrigeration or freezing. We also do not accept pet food or clothing.

Are you looking to partner on an event?

We’re fortunate to have many philanthropic student organizations and departments at Regis. If you would like to partner on an event or would like to hold a food drive for the pantry, please contact us at so we can assist you in your donation efforts.

Our goal is to deal with the reality of hunger on an ongoing basis and also provide a source for nutritious food on campus. Father Mark McGregor, Military and Veteran Services
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The Cupboard

Dayton Memorial Library

Hours vary by day