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Counseling Services

OCPD services include individual, couples and group therapy as well as online screening assessments, medication management and referrals for additional resources.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are one-on-one, confidential sessions with a member of our counseling staff to work through any kinds of issues a student may be experiencing. Our staff is professionally trained and has experience working with students in a wide range of areas, including depression, stress and anxiety, homesickness, eating disorders, sleep disorders, trauma, substance abuse and self harm. Individual sessions may be one-time or recurring, and are free of charge for eligible students. 

Group Therapy

Students often find groups to be places of extraordinary support and healing. Groups offer a safe environment to get support from others and experience a level of connection that is often missing in our everyday lives. Therapy groups give students a chance to learn from others’ experiences, try out new ways of relating and better understand themselves and their relationships. In addition, some groups focus on building skills and focusing more in depth on a variety of concerns (i.e. trauma, depression, etc.).

Confidentiality, safety, and respect are a core part of all our therapy groups. We strongly encourage students to take advantage of a group opportunity while in school. OCPD group offerings differ each semester. Contact us or come by the office to see what is currently being offered.

Online Screening Assessments

Ulifeline is an on-line resource for college mental health. You can find out information about various mental health topics, take anonymous questionnaires about various diagnoses and learn more about the resources available at Regis University and around the country. Learn more about Ulifeline.

Make an Appointment
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, call 911. 

Students in the School for Professional Advancement, as well as those students not eligible for services at OCPD have access to sliding scale/low cost counseling through the Centers for Counseling & Family Therapy at the Thornton campus (303.964.5786). Additionally, OCPD has compiled a list of accessible local counseling agencies as well as 24-hour support resources available for students experiencing distress outside of business hours.

Types of Individual Appointments

Emergency/Crisis Appointment

Emergency/Crisis appointments (e.g. you are at risk of harming yourself or others and/or you have taken steps to harm yourself or others) are seen immediately. If you are having a mental health emergency outside of business hours, please call 911.

Urgent Appointment

Urgent appointments (e.g. you have been experiencing some suicidal ideation, have experienced a sexual assault, have experienced the loss of a loved one, are experiencing a significant personal/academic crisis) will be seen within the next 24-48 hours.

Standard Appointment

Standard appointments (e.g. you want to meet with a counselor for an on-going issue you have been struggling with, relationship issues, family issue, depression/anxiety, etc.) are scheduled for the next available appointment time, usually within a week.

Not sure what to expect?

When people are attending a counseling appointment for the first time, they are often nervous about what will happen and what to expect. Our hope is to ease that anxiety by providing you with information about what to expect when you reach out to our office.


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Location: Coors Life Directions Center
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