Inclement Weather Policy

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All students, faculty and staff may sign up to receive emergency alert text messages through your cell phone and/or email messages to your computer using the RU Alert system. The system is also used to announce weather delay/cancellation information.


  • Regis University's severe weather policies have been established to ensure your safety on campus.  
  • Regis University determines evening class cancellations by 3 p.m. and morning class cancellations by 4:30 a.m. Regis will announce any campus cancellations shortly after via RU Alert
  • If a campus closing is announced, all classes, offices, events and programs are considered closed and cancelled unless otherwise stated
  • The Main Cafe will remain open for students residing on campus
  • During weather delays, campuses will not host classes, events, programs until the official opening time stated in the alert


In the event of severe weather warnings (dangerous thunderstorms or tornado warnings), the following procedures are to be followed in all Regis University facilities

  • Remain in the building. Occupants should not attempt to vacate the premise, drive, or seek shelter in cars
  • Seek shelter immediately in interior rooms on the lowest level
  • Evacuate all offices, rooms or hallways with windows and glass or with exterior walls
  • Move to interior areas (such as classrooms, halls, restrooms, storage areas) and, if possible, take shelter under tables or desks. Every attempt should be made to put as many walls as possible between occupants and the outside
  • Lie low with hands covering the back of your head to reduce injury
  • Wait for an “all clear” signal before resuming activity
  • Regis University faculty are asked to announce in classes that all students are to follow the severe weather procedures and follow the directions of the building administrator when severe weather warnings have been issued