Mile-High MFA in Action: Open Writing Studio

You're invited to join Regis University's Mile-High MFA Creative Writing faculty and students for our virtual poetry and prose workshops, open to writers of all levels. Bring your writing to new heights as you discuss best practices in writing, network and make new friends.

The virtual writing studio features authors Mario Acevedo and Addie Tsai, who will offer guidance on how to sharpen your skills.

Event Agenda

12:45 – 1 p.m.


1 - 2:15 p.m.

Craft Sessions

Option 1: Prose Workshop: The Trope Toolbox with Mario Acevedo
Tropes are a staple of genre literature. Unfortunately, they bring to mind clichés and lazy writing. But tropes are tools and like any tool, used well they can help craft a great story. We’ll review genre tropes, discuss why they're necessary, when they can become crutches, and how to leverage them to bring a fresh voice to your genre. We'll see how tropes are an essential part of world-building and how to use them in your story-telling.

Option 2: Refusing to Make Sense: The Prose Poem in All its Wonder with Addie Tsai
Although often thought of as a more contemporary, experimental form, the prose poem migrated to the West in early 19th century France and Germany initially as a rebellion against the traditional lineated versed poem. As Ali Smith states, "the prose poem provides a home to the sentence that refuses to make sense and the paragraph that refuses to progress." In this workshop, however, we'll look at a wide range of prose poetics in order to explore not only the variations of this complicated form, but also how we can use the prose poem form to inform other genres of writing.

2:15-2:20 p.m

Coffee Break

2:20-3:15 p.m.


Meet with program directors Eric Baus and Andrea Rexilius, Mile-High MFA program overview and Q&A