Long Lost and New Songs of Regis

The Fall/Winter 2020 issue of Regis Magazine recalls college songs of yesteryear – including “Alaho! Regis” and “Vive Regis!,” both written in 1931 by two renowned Jesuits on the Regis faculty. More recently, students in a music program composition class tried their hand at creating new ballads to rally the Regis faithful. You can sample the songs and read the magazine story below.

Historic Songs


Alaho! Regis Man

(Music score not available)

Alaho! Regis Men!
The knight of old in the days of armor,
Fought and bled for his lady charmer,
Alaho! Regis men!
Fair Regis is our lady charmer.
Hearts beat true,what need we armor?
Alaho! Alaho! Regis men!

Now give a cheer for Regis,
A cheer, a cheer!
Another cheer for Regis,
A cheer, a cheer!
We Rangers all will heed her call,
And boost and cheer for Regis
Alaho! Regis men!

(Note – Alaho is believed to be derived from the Arabic word “Allah” meaning God.)

Vive! Regis

Lyrics by Fr. Joseph A. Ryan, S.J., renowned accounting teacher who introduced business studies at Regis.
Composed by Fr. Andrew S. Dimichino, S.J., longtime music director from Italy.
Piano by Teresa Crane; vocals by Marcus Knodle

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Student Songs

Leaders of the West

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Regis Rangers

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Regis Fight!

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Ad majorem Dei gloriam

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Regis Fight Song

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Long Lost Songs of Regis

From the late 19th century through their heyday in the 1930s and ‘40s, college songs flourished.