Barbara Wilcots

Barbara J. Wilcots, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs

Why Regis?

My sister is a Regis alumna and she loved her experience here, so introduced me to the values and mission of the university. I’m also a very engaged Catholic and have been a social justice advocate all of my life, so the values and the mission of Regis align very perfectly with my own personal values.

How do you see the benefits of the Jesuit tradition extending beyond the classroom?

For me, the Jesuit tradition extends beyond the religion. I really see Jesuit values as fundamental to living a good and just life.  We want to give our students the tools to succeed beyond college — in a career, but more generally in life. The Jesuit values are all about helping our students learn to make good and just decisions about how to be in the world and contribute to it. 

How would you like students to see you or your role?

I would like them first to see me as an advocate. I think that institutions are so big to students. They don’t know how they work. They don’t know whether anyone is listening.. I hope the students see me as someone who listens, cares and advocates for their needs. Listening doesn’t always mean agreeing, so students may not get everything they want, but I want them to be assured that their voices are heard, considered and valued.