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Dear Regis Community:

Beginnings are filled with the wonder of the unknown and the excitement of what lies ahead. I am thrilled to be joining this community and humbled to begin serving as Provost.

Regis is a university with a long history of engaged scholarship, a dedication to both art and science, and a commitment to innovation and professional relevancy, solidly anchored in the Jesuit values. An institution that realizes that it is our responsibility to shape the future of education as both a driver and a consequence of societal evolution. Higher education has a significant role to play in addressing the current needs of our community and addressing the global challenges of tomorrow and we are well positioned to lead in these efforts.

This will be an unprecedented year in many ways, filled with challenge and with opportunity. We will be charged with addressing the pain and consequences of the past year. We will also have the privilege of helping to define the future higher education. How do we as a community support one another? How do we facilitate learning for all students? How do we create and disseminate knowledge for impact? How do we truly engage with our community to make a difference in the lives of others? These and many other questions will drive our efforts.

The welcoming spirit of this community has overwhelmed me and I am excited to meet you all in person. I am looking forward to working alongside you to fulfill the mission of the University, to engage authentically with our community, and to advance our collective goals through our strategic plan.

Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Janet Houser for her exceptional service and for everything that she has done for Regis University over the past 20 years. It is truly my honor to serve in this role and I look forward to a great year.

riley-signature.pngDr. Karen Riley

Regis champions creative scholarly pursuits.



Karen Riley, Ph.D.

Dr. Karen Riley joined the Regis community in 2021.

Provost's Office Staff

Parent and Family Liaison
Kristi Gonsalves-McCabe

Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion
Nicki Gonzales

Associate Vice Provost, Academic Affairs and Director, Instructional Design and Technology
Heidi Blair

Associate Provost for Student Success
Michael Ennis

General Inquiries

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National Search for Regis' Next Provost

Regis University has initiated a national search for its next Provost, the university's chief academic officer.

Regis University Academic Council (RUAC)

The Regis University Academic Council (RUAC) is the faculty body that presides over the academic governance structure of Regis University and makes formal recommendations to the Provost on University-wide academic matters.

The RUAC's charge is to work in concert with the academic councils of the respective colleges to formulate University-wide policies and standards for all academic programs. RUAC is also responsible for:

  • Monitoring the implementation of academic policies
  • Reviewing strategic plans of the colleges
  • Reviewing academic unit reviews
  • Approving new majors, certificates, specializations, and major program initiatives
  • Recommending new degree programs and major initiatives to the Regis University Board of Trustees

RUAC has faculty representatives from each college and the Library who hold 3-year terms. It meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 3 to 5 p.m.

Questions about RUAC may be addressed to Sandy Wojciehoski, Assistant to the Provost,

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Office of the Provost

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