Academic Honors for Students in Jesuit Higher Education

Alpha Sigma Nu (ASN) is the national honor society of Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States. The society was founded in 1915 at Marquette University to honor a select number of students each year on the basis of scholarship, loyalty, and service.

The Regis University chapter of Alpha Sigma Nu recognizes students of all ages in all Regis University colleges who distinguish themselves in the principles on which the society was founded. The only honor society permitted to bear the name Jesuit, ASN encourages its members to a lifetime pursuit of intellectual development, deepening Ignatian spirituality, service to others, and a commitment to the core principles of Jesuit education. Questions about Regis University's ASN chapter, as well as application guidelines may be directed to the Office of the Provost or 303.458.1843.

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Submission Requirements

  • Student must rank scholastically in the top fifteen (15%) percent of their class
  • Student must have distinguished themselves in displaying qualities of scholarship, loyalty and service
  • An application
  • An essay
  • Two letters of affirmation
  • A resume

Eligibility Guidelines

Election to membership in Alpha Sigma Nu is based on scholarship, service, and an understanding of and loyalty to the Jesuit tradition. The Chapter may, however, nominate in a single academic year fewer than five percent of the university's graduates. Students must rank scholastically in the top fifteen (15%) percent of their class.

Qualification Details

Students must have distinguished themselves in displaying qualities of scholarship, loyalty, and service. Scholarship means above-average academic accomplishments and proven intellectual competence. Service means a concern for others demonstrated by activities in support of the institution or the community. Loyalty means a demonstrated commitment to the Jesuit ideals of higher education - intellectual, moral, social and religious.

Assessment is based on a number of criteria:

  • Undergraduate students who have at least Junior or Senior standing may apply.
  • Undergraduate transfer students must have completed no fewer than 1½ semesters at a Jesuit institution by the time of their nomination.
  • Graduate students require completion of no fewer than ½ of the credit requirements for their graduate degree at a Jesuit institution at the time of their nomination.

Submit Your Application

Start the process of applying for Alpha Sigma Nu. 

Step 1: Obtain Two Letters of Recommendation/Affirmation
Obtain two letters of reference/affirmation. These letters should be from non-relatives and should include specific examples of your active leadership in the service of others. Your leadership and service activities must go beyond the scope of any job responsibilities.

Step 2: Write an Essay
Write a 750-1000 word essay that:
• Demonstrates your understanding of the Jesuit educational philosophy and mission
• Discusses your personal integration or application of the Jesuit mission and philosophy
• Is written in an organized, clear manner with good grammar, is typed and follows APA format

Step 3: Update Your Resume
Make sure your resume is up-to-date with academic accomplishments, club participation, internship/professional experience, etc.

Step 4: Submit All Application Materials
Submit your Alpha Sigma Nu Application. Please Note: The resume, essay and two letters of recommendation/affirmation need to be in electronic format in a PDF (Portable Document Format) file.

Application Checklist:

Deadline: January 25

• Two letters of recommendation
• Essay
• Resume
• Fill out the application. 

If you have any questions, please email or call The Office of the Provost at: (Subject: Alpha Sigma Nu)
303.458.1843 or 800.388.2366 ext: 1843.

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The Greater Denver Alumni Club of Alpha Sigma Nu

The Greater Denver Alumni Club of Alpha Sigma Nu (ASN) became an official club at the Triennial ASN Convention in Denver, Colorado in October 2003. The Alumni Club supports and encourages an alumni's lifelong commitment to the ASN values of scholarship, loyalty and service, and the ideals of Jesuit education. The Alumni Club strives to provide concrete opportunities for expression of that commitment.

Greater Denver Alumni Club members participate in service projects, sponsor speaker events, develop programs that connect faith with life, and provide a venue for career and social networking. All Alumni Club members are welcome at board meetings. If you'd like to attend.