If you have experienced sexual assault, harassment, stalking or domestic violence - support is available. At Regis University, you’ll find resources all around you. We are committed to cultivating a safe and respectful community where gender- and power-based behaviors and actions are not tolerated; survivors have the support they deserve.

Confidential and Privileged Resources

Other Resources*

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The Regis University Title IX coordinator Jeannette Grey is designated to address inquiries and coordinate the University’s compliance efforts regarding Title IX complaints or reports. View information about complaint procedure, resources available on-campus and tips to keep yourself safe. 

*Students should know that the following individuals are mandatory reporters of any misconduct outlined in the University’s Nondiscrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy. Information that could qualify as a violation of Regis' Nondiscrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy will be reported to Title IX staff.