Building Character through Sports

Interested in joining a team? Regis has both intramural sports and club sports available for you to nurture your athletic passions. 

Intramural Sports are a social way for Regis students, faculty and staff to be healthy and active in a recreational experience, regardless of skill level. 

Club Sports are student-run and offer an outlet for you to compete against other colleges and university's club teams.   

For more information on specific sports, visit the links below. 

Club Sports

Men's Clubs

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Women's Clubs

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Open/Co-Ed Clubs

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Please visit for contact information, practice schedule, to join a club, forms, and more! If you are interested in starting a club sport on campus, please contact Jennifer Wink by email or by calling 303.964.6065. Any other questions, please contact


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Intramural Sports Schedule and Registration

Welcome to the Intramural Sports Online Registration. Signing up is easy and only takes about 5 minutes.

Get started by creating an account on IMLeagues. Here, you will have access to a vast array of interactive features, including lifetime stats, trophies, and achievements. Download their mobile app, IMLeagues, so you have access right from your phone!

If you have any questions email our team or call the Intramural and Club Sports Coordinator, Jennifer Wink, at 303.964.6065 or

fall 2019 intramural schedule

Intramural Sports Participant Manual

Intramural Sports Mission

The Intramural Sports Program is committed to fostering good sportsmanship and healthy lifestyle choices in our community. We believe that Cura Personalis, care of the whole person, must extend outside of the classroom. In keeping with this idea, we strive to provide all students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity to nurture their character, pursue physical fitness, and make intelligent decisions within a competitive recreational environment. In pursuit of these goals, Intramural Sports is dedicated to providing a broad range of quality recreational programs designed to meet the diverse athletic needs of the Regis University student population. It is our belief that participation in Intramural Sports at Regis University, whether it be Flag Football in the fall or Ultimate Frisbee in the spring, will enhance the student experience in the following ways: 

  • Provide an opportunity to develop life-long leadership skills.
  • Teach participants to work within teams and build relationships.
  • Provide student leaders and organizations a means of developing community within their organizations and residence hall floors.
  • Offer participants the opportunity to encourage and challenge themselves and one another.
  • Help players improve both their physical and mental well-being.
  • Encourage the development of new skills and competencies.
  • Introduce participants, especially our students, to activities which will serve them throughout their lifetime.


I. All current Regis students, faculty, and staff are eligible to play all times throughout the year. During the summer leagues, alumni who graduated May of that summer, and Regis affiliates are eligible to play, provided they set up an account with the Intramural Program Assistant in advance.

II. All intramural participants must present a valid photo ID to the intramural staff on site to be eligible to play. If the participant is not already registered on the team’s roster via, they must provide their Regis ID (if applicable).

III. A player may play with one single gendered team and one co-recreational team within a league during a particular sport.

IV. A player is considered a member of the first team on which the player participates within each league. If a participant is found to have played on more than one team in a league, forfeits, suspensions, and/or expulsions may result for all parties involved.

V. The intramural sports program holds the equality and inclusion of its participants in the highest regard. Every participant has the right to an unbiased and fair opportunity to play. When an activity makes a gender designation, an individual can participate based on their self-identified gender identity and is done in good faith.

VI. Any team found using a player that is playing under a fictitious name or ID will forfeit all games in which that player checked-in. the player using an improper ID and the player who provided the ID will be suspended. The team captain may also be suspended at the discretion of the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff.

VII. Unauthorized use of a Regis ID will result in confiscation and/or university disciplinary actions.

VIII. Regis Varsity athletes are ineligible to play in their respective intramural sport, regardless of in or out of season. Should a varsity athlete lose his or her varsity status in the respective sport, they may participate in the respective intramural sport one calendar year after their last day as a varsity athlete in that respective sport. He or she must provide a letter from his or her coach stating his or her last day.

IX. Each intramural team may have no more than 50% of their roster consist of Regis Club Sport athletes in their respective sport. A club sport athlete is defined as any student who pays dues to a club sport team. The status of a club sport athlete is per semester.

X. Team captains are responsible for knowing the eligibility status of the player on their team. The Intramural Sports Staff reserves the right to suspend any captain or team and/or organization that intentionally or unintentionally uses ineligible players.

XI. All contests in which an ineligible player participated shall be recorded as a forfeit win for the opposing team.

Online Registration

I. Participants must register via or via the IMLeagues mobile application in order to participate in playoffs. Registration closes after the playoff bracket has been published.

II. For some events, the team captain and team participants must pass a mandatory registration quiz to complete the registration process. All quiz material will be provided on

III. Teams are placed on a waitlist after team creation until they meet the minimum number of players required for the event. Team captains may then manually move themselves to the default list or the administrative staff will move them.

IV. The intramural sports program reserves the right to change any team name that is vulgar, offensive, derogatory, or otherwise deemed inappropriate.

Leagues, Divisions, and Scheduling

I. Each intramural sports team event will be organized into as many as four leagues: Men’s, Women’s, Co-Recreational, and Open.

II. There are no gender restrictions in events containing only Open Leagues.

III. At the captains meeting, captains will have the opportunity to provide their scheduling preferences. When available, team captains will have the opportunity to set scheduling preferences online via Schedules will then be made with preferences in mind, but there is no guarantee of teams getting their time preferences.

IV. The intramural sports administrative staff reserves the right to move any team out of a division that does not reach capacity at the conclusion of registration.

V. All game reschedule requests must be submitted to the Intramural Sports administrative staff via email ( at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled contest. There is no guarantee that reschedules will work out, but the administrative staff will use all its resources to attempt to accommodate requests if requested on time.

VI. Schedules are publicized on This website will contain the most up to date information.

I. The roster capacity for each intramural sport event is listed on the main league webpage for each event.

Forfeits and Defaults

II. All games will start at the scheduled time listed on If a team does not have the minimum number of players (or does not meet the gender requirement) to start a game at game time, the game will be considered a forfeit. It is recommended that teams arrive 15 minutes prior to game time to avoid a forfeit. A forfeit will negatively affect the team’s win-loss record, as well as their sportsmanship rating (See Sportsmanship Rating).

II. If a team is not ready to play at game time, the opposing team captain or contestant who is ready to play may choose to give the opponent a Grace Period not to exceed 5 minutes in order to have the minimum number of players present, signed in, and ready to play. If the team or contestant is still not ready to play after the Grace Period has been exhausted, a forfeit will be declared. The opposing team who granted the Grace Period cannot reverse their decision.

III. If the Grace Period is granted, contest playing time will be reduced by the amount of time that the game was started late. If neither team is ready to play at game time, a grace period will not be awarded to either team.

IV. Forfeited contests will not be rescheduled.

V. If a team forfeits twice throughout the duration of the league, they will be dropped from the league.

VI. Teams who know in advance that they will not be able to play a scheduled contest are provided the opportunity to default the contest, rather than forfeiting. To default a contest, the captain must email the Intramural Program Assistant via no later than 2pm the day of their game for a weekday game. If the game is on a Saturday or Sunday, the captain must notify the Intramural Program Assistant no later than 2pm the Friday before the game. This will give the team a default, rather than a forfeit. A default will affect the team’s win-loss record, but will not negatively affect their sportsmanship rating.

VII. If a team wins or loses by forfeit or default, the team will get credit for winning or losing by the following amounts:

Basketball 25-0
Flag Football 18-0
Floor Hockey 5-0
Soccer 3-0
Softball 5-0
Ultimate Frisbee 5-0
Volleyball 2=-0

Team Rosters

I. The roster capacity for each intramural sport event is listed on the main league webpage for each event.

II. Teams may add players to their roster on site during the entirety of the regular season, provided they do not exceed the roster capacity. No players may be added on site or online during playoffs. Players joining the team at the game site will not be added to the official roster by the intramural sports staff. It is the responsibility of the player to add himself/herself to the team’s official roster.

III. Teams may add players to their official team roster via or via the REC*IT mobile application at any point during the regular season, but not during playoffs.

IV. All team composition and gender requirements are listed in individual sport rules.

Playoff Qualifications

I. All teams will be eligible for playoffs, provided they have an average sportsmanship rating of ‘2.75’ or higher at the end of the regular season.

II. Win/Loss record will determine final regular season standings.

III. In the case of a tie between two teams, head-to-head record will be the tie-breaker.

IV. In the case of a tie between three of more teams, or if a head-to-head matchup did not occur between two tied teams, Sportsmanship Rating will be used as the first tiebreaker criteria.

V. Should the Sportsmanship Rating of the teams be tied, point differential in all regular season games will be used in flag football, soccer, basketball, and softball. In volleyball, game record differential will be the tie-breaker for three or more teams, or two teams that did not have a head-to-head matchup.

VI. Should the teams have the same point differential, points against the teams will be the tiebreaker.

VII. Should the teams still be tied after all tiebreakers have been exhausted, all tied teams will advance.

VIII. Once one team has broken from the tie, the tiebreaker process will start over.

IX. See “Sportsmanship” for requirements for playoff competition.


I. All Intramural Sport participants and teams are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike fashion before, during, and after each contest.

II. Participants and teams participate with the understanding and in cooperation with the intended mission of Wellness and Recreation. Participants and teams who make a mockery of the game or do not participate in the natural spirit of the game will be removed and/or suspended from the program.

III. At the completion of each contest, the officials (or supervisor when officials are not present) will subjectively evaluate each team and assign a Sportsmanship Rating (SR). A team’s conduct will be evaluated before, during, and after the contest and will include players, bench personnel, and spectators.

IV. Each team captain is responsible for the conduct of the individual members of his or her team, coaches, and spectators. The team captain and/or team may be liable to suspension for the actions of his or her team, coaches, and spectators.

V. Sportsmanship Ratings are defined as the following:

  • 4 – Outstanding: All players cooperate with staff, officials, and the opposing team throughout the course of the competition. Team members respectfully converse with officials, staff and/or opponents. The captain has full control over teammates and himself/herself. The team goes as far as to help set up the field, clean up the field, or other acts not expected of them. If the team had a game scheduled, showed up ready to play, but their opponent forfeited the match.
  • 3 – Good/Average: Team members are in control throughout the contest. Sportsmanship and actions of team members are at good/acceptable levels for the contest. The team does not show any aggressive dissent towards officials, staff, or opponents, and the captain is in control of teammates and himself/herself.
  • 2 – Below Average: The team forfeits a scheduled contest, or demonstrates disrespect and verbal dissent towards officials, staff and/or opponents that may or may not result in sport specific conduct penalties. The team captain demonstrates moderate to poor control over teammates and/or himself/herself.
  • 1 – Poor: The team members continually exhibit disrespect and dissent towards officials, staff, and/or opponents either on or off the playing surface and/or sidelines. The team captain demonstrates minimal control over the actions of his/her teammates or himself/herself.
  • 0 – Unacceptable: The contest is stopped due to multiple unsporting acts and conduct. The team is completely uncooperative or shows no respect for staff, officials, and/or opponents. The team captain demonstrates no control over the actions of his/her teammates or himself/herself. The team captain will be suspended from participation in any intramural sports until he/she meets with the Intramural & Club Sports Coordinator or designee.

VI. Any team that receives 3 unsportsmanlike penalties during a single contest will forfeit the match to its opponent. Repeated displays of poor sportsmanship will result in the team being ruled ineligible for participation and possible referral to Student Conduct Services for further discipline consideration.

VII. In league sports, a team must have a ‘2.75’ or better Sportsmanship Rating average by the end of the regular season to be eligible for playoffs, and must maintain a ‘2.75’ or higher to remain in playoffs.

VIII. It is the team captain’s right to view his/her team’s Sportsmanship Rating after each contest. The Intramural Sports Supervisor will be able to provide the captain with this information immediately after the contest.

IX. A team may appeal a Sportsmanship Rating in writing containing all relevant information to the Intramural & Club Sports Coordinator by 12:00pm the next business day following the contest in question.

X. The situations listed below will result in automatic Sportsmanship Ratings being assigned:

Game not played nor

rescheduled due to inclement weather
Game not played due

to a default
Team winning by forfeit 4
Team losing by forfeit 2


I. Protests may be lodged for rules misinterpretation or misapplication by an official or intramural staff member or player eligibility. Under no circumstances will protests on an official’s judgment be accepted.

II. In order to register an official protest, the team captain must call a time-out and inform the official of their intent to protest. If after resolving the protest, the official’s ruling is upheld, the protesting team will be charged a timeout. If the official’s ruling is overturned, the protesting team will not be charged a timeout.

III. A team may protest with zero timeouts remaining. If the official’s ruling is upheld, the protesting team will be charged with a Delay of Game penalty for that particular sport such as technical fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct, yellow cards, etc.

IV. No protest will be accepted for consideration unless it is first registered with the official(s) in charge of the contest at the time the prompting incident occurs. The protest must take place before the next play begins. The official(s) will then notify both parties that an official protest has been lodged.

V. All protests will be brought to the Intramural Supervisor’s attention, who will then make a ruling at that time. All protest rulings concerning rule interpretation and application are final.

VI. If a protest for player eligibility remains unresolved, the Intramural Sports Staff will note the game conditions at the time of the protest and the contest will continue. The protesting team must then send a formal protest to the Intramural Sports Program Assistant via email at by 12:00 p.m. the next business day.

VII. Upon receipt of an eligibility protest, the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff will contact all parties involved. After considering all available information, a decision will be made and all parties will be informed. The decision is final.

Safety and Player Equipment

I. The intramural sports program and the Department of Wellness and Recreation assume no responsibilities for injuries received during intramural sports events. Participants must sign a waiver (see appendix) on or on site before participation agreeing that their participation is entirely voluntary.

II. The intramural sports staff reserves the right to stop any contest for safety reasons, or they feel it is in the best interest of the Intramural Sports Program or the Department of Wellness & Recreation.

Any participant who exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion, such as loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion, or balance problems shall be prohibited from further participation in any Intramural Sports contest.

I. Appeals of concussion-related decisions made by Wellness and Recreation staff shall be considered eligibility appeals and will be reviewed by the intramural sports administrative staff on the next business day.

II. Players may not wear jewelry during any physically active intramural sports unless they are fully covered by tape and taped close to the skin. This includes, but is not limited to: watches, earrings, facial piercings, necklaces, etc. The Intramural Sports staff does not provide tape. a. Exception: Medical alert tags are not considered jewelry and may be worn, provided all of the chain, necklace, band, etc., is taped to the body with the tag visible.

III. No pants or short with belt loops or pockets are allowed in contact intramural sports.

IV. Sweatbands and soft caps on the head are allowed. No hats with a hard bill, bandanas with a knot, or other headgear are allowed in contact sports, which include, but are not limited to, flag football, soccer, basketball, floor hockey, ultimate Frisbee, powder puff, and kickball.

V. Braces, soft casts, and protective coverings below the waist which are unaltered from the manufacturer’s original design/production are permitted and do not require any additional padding or covering. Braces, soft casts, and protective coverings above the waist, as well as those below the waist that have sharp edges from wear and tear or any other defection must be covered with ½ inch high density padding or wrapped with similar material.

VI. Intramural sport participants are required to leave play until any bleeding is stopped, open wounds are covered, and blood-soiled uniforms/clothing are removed or treated with a bleach disinfectant. All Intramural Sport Supervisors are First Aid/CPR/AED certified.

VII. After a game has started, should a team drop below the minimum number of players needed to play due to an injury, the game shall continue.

VIII. Animals are not allowed on West Field or the Softball Field.

Intramural staff reserves the right to rule on any equipment issue.

Inclement Weather

I. In the event of inclement weather, a determination on play will be made by 3:00pm the day of the contest Monday through Friday and no later than 2 hours prior to first game on Saturday and Sunday. If a decision has not been made by the designated times, all decisions will be made by the Intramural Sports Supervisor at the playing site. Contests stopped at the game site due to lightning will not continue until 30 minutes after the last strike.

II. If the intramural captain is not informed of game cancellation due to weather, his/her team is still expected to show up ready to play. The captain should never assume a game is cancelled without talking with the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff.

III. Every effort will be made to reschedule canceled contests, however it may not always be possible due to facility and time constraints. At times, rescheduled contests may be played on a different day of the week or time than originally scheduled.


I. Winners of each event will receive Intramural Sports Champion t-shirts. Winning teams will receive one t-shirt per team member on the official roster.

I. If team members are not present at the championship game when t-shirts are awarded, the team may take the shirts to them. T-shirt sizes may be traded at the Wellness and Recreation office.

NIRSA Championship Series

I. The NIRSA Championship Series gives college recreational sports participants an opportunity to compete, coordinate, officiate, and connect with skilled peers from other schools and take all the benefits of recreation competition to a higher level.

I. Intramural teams have the opportunity to compete at regional and national tournaments for flag football, soccer, tennis, and basketball. Regis will pay for one team registration per sport. Travel expenses will be the responsibility of the players.

I. Preference will be given to the winners of the intramural leagues on campus, should the league be finished at least 2 weeks prior to the tournament. If the winning team cannot make it, the team in second place will be given an opportunity. Teams may be comprised of different team members, if necessary.

I. More than one team may attend each tournament, if desired, however the Wellness and Recreation office may only cover registration costs for one team.

Please download the Intramural Waiver form. You may fill out the PDF form and send to