Professional Bio

Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D.   Sociology, University of Colorado 1999
    Dissertation Title:  Meanings and Claims in Conflict:  Social Change and Rhetoric in the Development of “Sustainable Communities”
  • B.S.   Environmental Studies/Education, University of Alabama 1987

Courses Taught

Major’s Seminar
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Women’s Studies
Surveys for Social Change
Research Methods
Unequal Global Childhoods
Sustainable Communities 
Writing to Change the World
Consumption, Culture, and Self
Conflict and Change in the New Wild West
That’s Garbage!: Digital Stories 
Sex and Gender in Society 
Environmental Sociology
Environmental Justice
Social Problems
US Inequality
The Family
Social Movements
Sociology of College Success

Research & Scholarship

Research Interests

Community Resiliency, Gender, Sustainable Communities, Disasters, Community Based Research.


Select Publications

  • Passerini, Eve.  “The Nature of Community.”  Chapter 13 in Social Vulnerability to Disasters, edited by B. Phillips, D. Thomas, A. Fothergill, and L. Blinn-Pike.  Boca Raton, FL: Taylor and Francis.


  • Passerini, Eve.  “Who is to Blame for the Failure of Sustainable Reconstruction Projects?”  Natural Hazards Review. 2(2).


  • Passerini, Eve. “Disasters as Agents of Social Change in Recovery and Reconstruction.”  Natural Hazards Review. 1(2): 67-72.


  • Passerini, Eve.  Book Review of “Paradise for Sale: A Parable of Nature” by Carl McDaniel and John Gowdy.  Environment 1(2): 262-264.


  • Mary Fran Myers and Eve Passerini. “Sustainable Floodplain Management: Historic Trends and Options for the Future.” Volume 21 (Floods) in Definitive Series on Hazards and Disasters, edited by Dennis Parker. Routledge Press, London.


  • Contributing Author in Disasters By Design: A Reassessment of Natural Hazards in the United States (editor/author Dennis Mileti). Washington, DC: Joseph Henry Press


  • Passerini, Eve. "Sustainability and Sociology."  The American Sociologist 29(3): 59-70.


  • Bahr, David, and Eve Passerini.  "Statistical Mechanics of Opinion Formation and Collective Behavior: Macro-Sociology."  Mathematical Sociology 23(1): 29-49.


  • Bahr, David, and Eve Passerini. "Statistical Mechanics of Opinion Formation and Collective Behavior: Micro-Sociology."  Mathematical Sociology 23(1): 1-27.


  • Passerini, Eve.  “Teaching as Sociological Imagination.”  Journal of Creative Social Discourse 2(1): 24-30.


  • Passerini, Eve, and David Bahr.  "Collective Behavior Following Disasters: A Cellular Automaton Model" Chapter 16 in Chaos, Complexity, and Sociology: Myths, Models, and Theories, edited by Raymond Eve, Sara Horsfall, and MaryLee.  Sage Press


  • Mileti, Dennis, and Eve Passerini. "A Social Explanation of Urban Relocation After Earthquakes."  International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters. 14(1): 97-110.


  • Dennis Mileti, Jo Anne Darlington, Eve Passerini, Betsy Forrest, Mary Fran Myers.   “Toward an Integration of Natural Hazards and Sustainability.”  The Environmental Professional 17(3): 117-126.


  • Feminist Scholars in Sociology (Tina Fitzgerald, Alice Fothergill, Kristin Gilmore, Katie Irwin, Charlotte Kinkel, Suzanne Leahy, Joyce Nielsen, Eve Passerini, Mary Virnoche, and Glenda Walden) “What’s Wrong is Right: A Response to the State of the Discipline.”  Sociological Forum 10(3): 493-498.



Funded Research

  • Community Based Research.  Working with community members and undergraduate students to evaluate social change programs in Denver’s poorest neighborhoods. (Piton Foundation and Annie E. Casey Foundation funded)


  • Community Based Research.  Worked with community members and undergraduate students on a wide variety of studies involving homeless women. (Bonner Foundation funded)


  • Research on Sustainable Communities.  International, cross-cultural research of environmental claims-making in post-disaster communities. (NSF funded)


  • Research on Information Transfer.  Conducted structured phone interviews with academics and disaster practitioners regarding how information from each is shared with the other.  (NSF funded)


  • Research on Risk Perception.  Planned and conducted semi-structured, face to face interviews with risk managers in businesses in Los Angeles, CA.  (NSF funded)



Unfunded Research with Students as a Component of Courses

  • Literature reviews & qualitative interviews to aid grant proposals for a center for homeless mothers
    • Digital Storytelling project with The Children’s Corridor and the Piton Foundation


    • Neighborhood Public Transportation Use and Needs Surveys for Groundwork Denver


    • Evaluation research for a Restorative Justice Program at Denver’s Montbello High School


    • Literature reviews and qualitative interview to aid grant proposals for a center for homeless mothers

    Community Involvment & Service

    Selected Past Community Activity

    Directed a community peace and justice organization, organized and led a solidarity tour of Nicaragua (during the Sandinista era), taught high school and elementary school, taught HIV/AIDS awareness to at-risk teenagers, was a social worker for abused and neglected youth and teens, taught literacy skills to adult prisoners, taught ecology and environmental education to rural and inner city adults and youth, board member of local environmental organization, wildlife rehabilitator.